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Customised training

Professional Development for Schools and Disability Organisations

We provide tailored workshops on practical autism strategies to suit your organisation's professional development needs.  Training modules we offer include:

  • Features of Autism Spectrum Disorder (including signs of autism in toddlers, children and adolescents, and discussion of the causes and prevalence of autism)

  • Positive Behaviour Support and Stress Reduction Strategies (including prevention and response strategies)

  • Building Partnerships with Families (including working with parents who are grieving about their child's diagnosis)

  • Using Visuals

  • Building Social Skills

  • Managing Change

  • Differential and Dual Diagnosis*

  • Screening and Assessment Tools* 

  • The Clinical Value of Behavioural Observations during Cognitive and Developmental Assessments*

Modules marked with an * are designed for diagnosticians including psychologists, paediatricians and child psychiatrists.  

You can mix and match from the modules above, or for smaller groups, we can offer a more informal Q&A style session, where participants can discuss the behaviours of students or clients they are working with.  Our presenter Lydia Meem will offer tools and strategies to address particular concerns.  

Examples of professional development days Lydia Meem has been requested to present include:

  • PD day for a large independent school, with Features of Autism presentation to whole staff (approx 150 staff) followed by Positive Behaviour Support sessions tailored for Junior School, Middle School and Senior School staff

  • PD day for a small independent school (approx 30 staff) covering Features of Autism and Positive Behaviour Support (admin staff also attended the first session)

  • Behavioural Q&A session for small independent school (4 staff) - three hours to discuss behaviours of particular students in detail, practical strategies for the classroom and playground, and provide assistance with accessing funding sources for families

  • PD day for psychologists working in developmental disabilities, focusing on differential and dual diagnosis, screening and assessment tools, and therapy resources

  • PD day for psychologists and disability support and counselling staff in a University, focusing on strategies for high-functioning adults with autism

  • Full 2-day practical autism strategies workshop for teachers in an independent school with students with challenging behaviours and a variety of learning needs

  • PD for respite support workers who are starting to work with children and adolescents with autism

  • Behavioural Q&A session for preschool staff working with children who may be showing some signs of autism

For more information about our Customised Training, please contact us on 02 4967 3363 or email

As Student-free days tend to be popular for school-based training, we recommend you book well in advance to secure your preferred dates.  

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