Developmental Disorders, Genetic Disorders and Mental Health Disorders seen in Children and Adolescents

Join our Autism Professionals Circle online community forum

Here is my presentation on the ASD Student Profile for the Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2013: Part 1 and Part 2

"Playing with Toys" Real Look Autism Episode 5

"Art Therapy" Real Look Autism Episode 11

Lego Social Skills Groups: Presentation by Hannah ColesExample of a session

"How to help siblings of children with autism" (Play Therapy video) Part 1 and Part 2 

Natural Play Therapy: Bridging and Exploring (BE)

How are you feeling?: Do2Learn Emotional Check In/Check Out

Managing Emotions: Stress Scale Thermometer

Reading Facial Cues: What is this person feeling? Guessing Game, Do2Learn Feelings Game

Interactive Avatar: Do2Learn Facial Expressions Game (You may need to install or update Java to see the Avatar.  The avatar is sometimes blocked by security settings)

Autism and Board Games

The Association of Psychologists in Developmental Disabilities Services (PsychDD) Newsletters: July/Aug/Sept 2013

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