Developmental Disorders, Genetic Disorders and Mental Health Disorders seen in Children and Adolescents

First, here's a breathing exercise to help with calming down.  Do this before watching any of the videos.  

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise by GoZen


Anxiety Management Song: Clear the Fear (explains how thoughts contribute to anxiety)

Performance Anxiety storybook read aloud on Youtube: The Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright

Silly songs about fears: Fear of Frogs (Can you make up a silly song about your own fears?)


These videos are intended to be used for slowly desensitising to things we are afraid of.  Start by taking some relaxing breaths.  When you are calm, start by watching the videos on the left on a small screen with the sound turned off.  Take your time.  Start with a little bit at a time and pause or stop if you need to.  Once you can watch it all the way through then try it on a larger screen size or turn up the sound.  Once you can watch a video without feeling bothered by it, move on to the next one to the right.  

Some common fears/situations where people feel anxious:

Vacuum cleaners: Ordinary vacuum cleaner


Storms: 30 minutes timelapse clouds and sunsets, 8 hours of rain on a roof with rain photosStorm near beach, very heavy wind and rain, hail, lightning, sun up, pictures of rain and lightning, sounds of heavy rain and thunderlots of lightning photos and sounds of thunder

Faces: Harry Potter Tribute: All Grown UpNoah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years200 days without a shave

Balloons popping: Dog vs balloons, Artist blows up room of balloons and then pops them all

Inflatable objects with faces:




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