Developmental Disorders, Genetic Disorders and Mental Health Disorders seen in Children and Adolescents

Autism Understanding's Research Project: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive & Developmental Assessments: Case Reviews by Australian Psychologists - Lydia Meem's Presentation at Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2015 and Autism Understanding's Cognitive Assessment Observation Checklist for psychologists


Research Autism: Impartial Ratings of Evidence for Autism Treatments and Explanation of Rating System


Research on Prevalence of Autism In Australia and Mapping autism diagnoses in Australia


Research on Causes of Autism


Research Opportunities for Clients and their Families to Participate In


Highlights from the Asia Pacific Autism Conference in Adelaide, August 2013


Olga Tennyson Autism Research Centre (OTARC) in Melbourne's "Inside the Lab" Chat Shows with Autism Researchers


Associaton of Psychologists in Developmental Disabilities Services (PsychDD) Newsletter: July/Aug/Sept 2013


Macquarie University's National Survey for Psychologists working with adults with intellectual disability and mental health issues 

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