Resources for Children, Adolescents and Adults with Autism

Please note: This page is intended for the enjoyment of people with and without autism spectrum disorders.  Not everyone featured on this page is on the autism spectrum, but we can all appreciate their special skills and interests.  


Repetitive behaviours and sensory interests

Earth spinning: Montage of photos taken from International Space Station at night

Finger tapping: Big Dane

Pen tapping: Two pens

Pen spinning: World Cup Final 2012

Spinning coin: Phantom HD 1000 frames per second

Clock: 9 to 5 time lapse (digital clock)

Slinky: Supersized slow motion slinky dropSlinky on an escalator

Balloons: Balloon bursting in slow motion

Bubbles: World Class Bubble blowing 

Dancing Dust: Dancing iron flakes move to soundDust Iron Trees Dancing to Pump Up the Jam

Dominoes: Domino tracks

Plasma: Swirling Plasma tube

Rituals: Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Knocking on Penny's door

Appreciating the little things: American Beauty: Plastic bag to music (no talking)

Counting: Sesame Street Pinball 12 songSesame Street Two little dolls songSesame Street 1,2,3 rolling ball

Drawing Doodles: Patterns in an egg

Moon Rising: Full Moon over Wellington NZ

Shadow Hands: Multiple Hands

60 Minutes to Relax: Golden Wheat Field, Sunflowers, Twisted Tree Beach

Flowers: Blooming Time Lapse

Painting Time Lapse: Surreal Misty Forest

Dancing Particles Reflection, Chanson Du Soir

Marble Runs: Epic Marble Run, Stop and Go, Nicholas' Marble Run, Homemade marble run

OK Go: Car (Needing/Getting), Rube Goldberg Machine (This too shall pass), Treadmills (Here it goes again)

Rube Goldberg Machines: 

Music: Incredibox (mix your own beats) The Original, Little Miss, Sunrise, The Love


Special Interests

Drawing: Realistic Eye with Teardrop Time-lapseTwo handed portraits of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robins, Stephen Wiltshire New York City from memory

Street Art: Slinkachu Wet 'n'Wild, Artist Profile

Paranorman: You don't become a hero by being normal

Dancing: Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk, 12 Year old boy dances robot story

Lego: How to play with Lego for a living, Lego Car

Lego Star Wars: Episodes IV, V and VI quick versionEpisodes I, II and III quick versionBombad Bounty, Darth Vader and his crew Dancing to MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This", Timelapse Death Star Lego Build

Star Wars Detours Trailer

Tom and Jerry: Curious

Thomas the Tank Engine: How Steam Engines and Diesel Engines workPyramid Train Set with 11 tracks16 Trains on 16 tracksOlympic Rings

The Wiggles: Big Red Car at Ron's House, Dylan and Ashton's Big Red Car

Sesame Street: We're Amazing 1,2,3" Free Online Storybook with Elmo, Abby and Julia, who has autism

Playground games: Handball: A Beginner's Guide

Pets and other Interesting Animals: Elise Talks Border Collies

Ray Villafane: 'Extreme' Pumpkin Carver

Minecraft: A380 AirlinersDancers, Roller Coaster, High Speed Train

Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit: Explore Middle Earth

Astronomy: Why isn't pluto a planet anymore?, Rogue Planet discovered, Oldest Most Distant Object in the Universe Discovered

Biology: Identifying Queen Ants"March of Progress": This is not what evolution looks like

Mathematics: The Weird Truth about Arabic NumeralsHow to turn a sphere inside outZooming in on fractals

Star Trek: Funny Spock Lines and Moments from Season 3

Dilbert: The Knack - Engineers

IT Crowd: This, Jen, is The Internet 

Physics: Build a Van de Graaff generatorSnowflake close-ups and manmade snowflake crystals, 4th dimension explained by a high school student

Brain teaser: Connect nine dots with only four straight lines

Speed: World's Fastest Hands Guiness RecordWorld's fastest Tetris playerRubik's Cube World Records

Fire Alarms: "FireAlarmMan458" shows us his fire alarm collection

House of Cards: World Record and record-holder Bryan Berg profile Part 1 and Part 2 including tutorial

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