Resources for Parents

DIY Social Story called "Ethan's Allergies"

Assembly and Awards

Being a Good Listener

Catching the School Bus

Dealing with Mistakes

Sports Carnival

We take turns to talk and listen

When I'm angry

When it's noisy by Autism Understanding

Piano Lessons

Train Etiquette by TransPerth: Social Nursery Rhymes 

Train Etiquette Comics by Transperth

Sci Show: Why do we laugh?

Social Skills Central (You can subscribe for more resources) Free Samples: Being Polite, How to Give a Compliment, Peer Pressure, Listening during a Conversation, Everyone Loves A Compliment


Social Skills Videos

Eye Gaze, Facial Expressions, Gestures and Body Language

Hidden rules revealed #3 Making Eye Contact

"When you are talking to somebody, just remember look toward their eyes" Song

Reading Facial Cues: What is this person feeling? Guessing Game

Songs for Emotions: HAPPY (Pharrell Williams "Happy - Despicable Me Sing-Along version); SAD (Gary Jules "Mad World")

Waving: Polite bear waves helloKodiak bear wavingUniversity high school class of 2010 waves goodbye


Greetings and Conversation Skills

Saying "Hi" to friends

People like it when I say "Hi" Song

Social Skills Training: Taking Turns Speaking

3 tips to keep a conversation going

Interrupting Appropriately: Interrupting Robot

Interrupting Appropriately: Tips for Parents on Teaching Kids to Interrupt Appropriately

Saying Goodbye song from Muppets Take Manhattan


Making and Keeping Friends

Social Skills Training: Making friends in Middle School

Social Skills Video: Adjusting to High School (includes respecting private conversations, personal space, avoiding hugging people you don't know, and not talking about yourself too much)

Filtering your thoughts: Should I think it or should I say it? (Don't make comments that could hurt someone else's feelings)

Showing Empathy (tuning in to your friend's moods, picking the right time to talk about your news)


Dating Skills

New York Dating Coach:


Dealing with Frustration and Anger, Staying Calm

Waiting social story with lots of examples

Social Skills: Accepting "No"

Aspie Bunny Talks About Easter (How to deal with extra relatives in your house: if you feel overwhelmed, taking a break and then joining in again)

Getting Rid of Frustration with Marvin the Mouse

How to Lose at Games Without Getting Mad

"I Get Angry" Song

Talking Tom explains about saying "I'm Sorry" and the Cat Dancing "I'm Sorry" song


Avoiding Social Embarrassment

Hidden rules revealed #1 Picking your nose

How to Behave and Why by Munro Leaf (video of someone reading this book)

Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf (Video of Someone reading this book)


Coping with Change and Transitions

Finished/Pack Away Songs for Transitions: "We are Done" by Madden Brothers (official version, karaoke version), "Tidy Up Song" by Dave Moran, "Kids Clean Up Song" by ELF Kids Videos


Practicing New Skills

Practising new social skills in three steps: The 3 step "self-help" formula: Social skills self-development made easy! (Stephan Erdman)

It's okay to make mistakes, it's part of learning a new skill: Rollerskating (Classic Sesame Street)Surfing (Clay Marzo), Cartwheels (Crawford's Corner)Stacking Blocks (Dibo the Gift Dragon)


Everyday Living Skills

Hygiene: How Stuff Works Hygiene Slideshow (includes handwashing, face washing, showering, washing hair, shaving face or legs, and using deodorant)

Self-help skills: How to brush your teethGinger the cat talks about brushing teeth and taking a shower

Self-help skills: How to Tie Your Shoes

Catching the school bus (features American bus and no uniforms - If this is a problem, you can use it as a template and make your own story with photos or video)

Catching the bus safety rules and Richard Scary's Play it Safe on the School Bus Song

Crossing the Street: Richard Scary's Stop, Look and Listen Song

Crossing the Street: Demonstration of Right and Wrong ways to Cross the Street (with University students demonstrating so okay for high school students)

Wearing Seat Belts: Buckle Up Song


Self-Regulation/Anxiety Management Skills

Relaxation: 4-7-8 Breathing

Dealing with Anxiety Song: Clear the Fear (explains how thoughts contribute to anxiety)

Silly songs about fears: Fear of Frogs (Can you make up a silly song to make fun of your own fear?)


Academic Skills

Basics: Left and Right

Mathematics: Times Tables songs

Fist to Five Check (Self-reflection - How much help do I need? - Can be used with the whole class) 


Career Planning and Employment Skills 

Career Planning: FutureYou (Monash University online questionnaire to assist with choosing tertiary courses)

Job interview body language

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