Resources for Parents

People often ask me: "Wow!  Where did you get that?"

These are the books I've found helpful in learning about autism and working with children, adolescents and adults with autism and their families.  Not every book or resource is appropriate for every age and stage, but hopefully you can find something that suits your needs. I've tried to include links to several suppliers so you can shop for the best deal. Let me know if the links stop working and I will try to find another supplier. Have fun!

Books Explaining Asperger's and Autism (and other developmental disorders like ADHD)

All cats have Asperger's Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann - Booktopia, Footprint Books, Silvereye, Resources at Hand

Kevin Thinks... about Outer Space, Confusing Expressions and the Perfectly Logical World of Asperger's Syndrome by Gail Watts - Booktopia, Footprint Books

All dogs have ADHD by Kathy Hoopmann - Booktopia, Resources At Hand, Footprint Books

Inside Asperger's Looking Out by Kathy Hoopmann - Booktopia, Footprint Books, Silvereye

Making Sense of Asperger's: A story for Children by Debra Ende - ACER, Silvereye

I am Aspiengirl by Tania Marshall, Amazon

I am an Aspie Girl: A book for young girls with autism spectrum conditions - by Danuta Bulhak-Paterson Booktopia, Amazon, Footprint, Resources at Hand

Look Me In The Eye by John Elder Robison - Booktopia, Amazon

Ian's Walk by Laurie Lears (great for siblngs) - BooktopiaAmazon

Sometimes My Brother: Helping Kids Understanding Autism through a Sibling's Eyes by Angie Healy - Silvereye, Amazon

All About My Brother by Sarah Peralto  - Amazon

Asperger's, the Universe and Everything by Kenneth Hall - Booktopia, Footprint Books

Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin - Booktopia, Silvereye

An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks (Oliver Sacks is a Neurologist so this is a book for adults.  One of the stories is about Temple Grandin) - Booktopia, Amazon

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon (the themes are not appropriate for younger readers but great for senior high school and adults) - Booktopia

Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes by Jennifer Elder (includes profiles of Temple Grandin, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Anderson) - BooktopiaFootprint Books

22 Things A Woman Must Know if She Loves A Man with Asperger's by Rudy Simone - Resources at Hand (pink version), Footprint Books, Silvereye

22 Things A Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know by Rudy Simone - Footprint Books, Silvereye

Sixth Sense II Lesson Plan by Carol Gray (for explaining to students about a child with social difficulties in their class) - ACER, Footprint Books 

Imagine Having Asperger's DVD by Dr Richard Eisenmajer - Silvereye

The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Travelled by Ellen Notbohm - Silvereye, Amazon

What Color is Monday? by Carrie Cariello - Footprint Books, Amazon, Booktopia

Sesame Street "We're Amazing 1,2,3" free online storybook with Elmo, Abby and Julia, who has autism - Sesame Street


Social Skills Resources

The Conversation Train: A visual approach to conversation for children on the autism spectrum by Joel Shaul - Fishpond, Booktopia, ebook at Angus & Robertson

The Green Zone Conversation Book: Finding common ground in conversation for children on the autism spectrum by Joel Shaul - Booktopia, Footprint, Amazon

Our Brains are like Computers!: Exploring social skills and social cause and effect with children on the autism spectrum by Joel Shaul Book depository, Amazon, Booktopia

How to Be A Friend by Laurie Kransy Brown and Mark Brown - Resources At Hand, Amazon

Social Skills Picture Book: Teaching Play, Emotion and Communication to Children with Autism by Jed Baker - Booktopia, Resources At Hand, Footprint Books, ACER

Social Skills Picture Book: For High School and Beyond by Jed Baker - Booktopia, Resources At Hand, Footprint Books, ACER

Let's Make Faces by Gerard Langeler - ACER, Resources At Hand

Webber's Pragmatics Playing Cards with Secret Decoder - Super Dooper Publications, Amazon

The Socially Speaking Game by Alison Schroeder (boardgame with social situations problem-solving and practising what to say) - Silvereye 

Socially Speaking Resources for Teachers by Allison Schroeder - Social Skills Program for Students with Mild to Moderate Learning Difficulties Silvereye, Sticker Pack 1 (i.e. "I asked someone to play", "I asked for help", "I loked and listened well", "I played with others") Silvereye, Sticker Pack 2 (i.e. "I chose a good time to talk", "I looked and listened well", "I said sorry", "I helped someone") Silvereye

50 Feelings and Emotions Cards - Educational Experience, Resources At Hand

Face It Cards by Quiky Kids Clinic (includes a poster with all the drawings) - Quirky Kid, Lighthouse Resources

Emotions Hand Cards (laminated photo cards on a keyring) by Prompt Education  - Child and Teen

Whole Body Listening Larry Poster - Social Thinking Australia

Whole Body Listening Larry at Home! (book) by Kristen Wilson & Elizabeth Sautter - Social Thinking Australia

Whole Body Listening Larry at School! (book) by Elizabeth Sautter and Kristen Wilson - Social Thinking Australia

Emotions Chart by Carson Dellosa (photos of children)- Dominie Educational Superstore

How are you feeling today? Poster (line drawings) - One Stop Sensory Shop, Amazon

What did you say?  What did you mean? Book by Jude Welton (note: I recommend the book, not the cards - see reason below in Tried and Not Recommended section) - Resources at Hand, Footprint Books

An Aspergers Dictionary of Everyday Expressions 2nd Edition by Ian Stuart-Hamilton - Footprint Books, Silvereye, ACER

Mind Reading DVD ROM for Computer by Dr Simon Baron-Cohen - Resources at Hand, Footprint Books

The Daily Mood Desk Accessory (for Adolescents and Adults who enjoy Emoticons) - Australian Geographic, Amazon

My Manners (Textured Board Book) by Glottogon - Glottogon

How Do You Feel? by Anthony Browne (Board Book) - Booktopia

All my friends are dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John.   This one is for teens with darker humour about friendships and death, featuring the dinosaur who says, "All my friends are dead", the zombie who says, "All my friends are undead" and the baker who says "All my friends are bread"... - Amazon, Book Depository

The Ant Patrol Children's Stories (for children with social emotional delays including Autism and ADHD) by Dr Deberea Sherlock and Aisling Mulvihill: Seeing Red, Name of the Game, Fear Factor, Stay In Line, Mind on the Job & Pick Your Moment: Story Focus and Online Shop

Social Skills Central Social Stories and Visuals (some are free and you can pay to access more) Social Skills Central 

Should I or Shouldn't I?  What would others think? - Primary School version Social Thinking Australia; High School version Social Thinking Australia

Party Planning for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum: How to Avoid Meltdowns and Have Fun! by Kate Reynolds - Booktopia, Footprint

LEGO Therapy - Social Skills Group: Hannah Coles discusses how to set up a group; Video of a group session

How to Behave and Why by Munro Leaf (old fashioned social story) Amazon, Fishpond, Youtube video of someone reading this story

Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf (old fashioned social story) Amazon, Booktopia, Youtube video of someone reading this story

Colour My Story (colouring books to help understand change) by Jo Crowley Starting PreschoolStarting School, Moving House, Mummy is having a baby, The New Baby Moves In


Sexuality and Safety Resources

My Story: Helping Children Talk - Colouring book by Jo Crowley (for working with children who have experienced trauma) Colour My Story

A Place for Me - Colouring book by Jo Crowley (for working with children who are in out-of-home care or kinship care) Colour My Story

Things Ellie Likes: A Book about Sexuality and Masturbation for Girls and Young Women with Autism and Related Conditions by Kate Reynolds - Amazon, Booktopia, Footprint

Things Tom Likes: A book about Sexuality and Masturbation for Boys and Young Men with Autism and Related Conditions by Kate Reynolds - Amazon, Booktopia, Footprint

What's Happening to Tom?: A book about Puberty for Boys and Young Men with Autism and Related Conditions by Kate Reynolds - Amazon, Booktopia, Footprint

What's Happening to Ellie?: A book about Puberty for Girls and Young Women with Autism and Related Conditions by Kate Reynolds - Amazon, Booktopia, Footprint

Tom Needs to Go: A book about How to Use Public Toilets Safely for Boys and Young Men with Autism and Related Conditions by Kate Reynolds - Amazon, Booktopia, Footprint

Ellie Needs to Go: A book about How to Use Public Toilets Safely for Girls and Young Women with Autism and Related Conditions by Kate Reynolds - Amazon, Booktopia, Footprint


Visual Systems and Resources

Boardmaker - computer program for making 1000s of visuals

See n Speak - premade visuals for parents and speech therapists - Emotions Check In/Check Out, Social Skills Toolbox, Feelings Game, Facial Expressions Game (you may need to update your version of Java for this to work) - Free Packs (School, Home, Early Childhood), Free Sequences (includes Emotions, Meal Time, Morning Routine, Night Routine, Hand Washing, Hair Cut, Bus Travel, Swimming Lessons, Bathing, Shower, Toilet Training, Teeth Cleaning, Dentist, Blood Test, and Death & Grief), Adolescent Boy Pack, Adolescent Girl Pack. - Free Printables - Special Needs Visual TImetable and Routines, Special Needs Behaviour Management


Sensory Tools and Toys

(Note: Some of these are designed to touched by hands but not put in mouths.  If your child likes to explore orally, please see Oral Sensory Toys section or ensure pieces are big enough they cannot be swallowed or pieces bitten off)

Sensory Diet Cards by Super Dooper Publications- ACER, Super Dooper Publications

What to Feed an Asperger: How to go from 3 foods to 300 with love, patience and a little slight of hand by Sarah Patten - Amazon, Booktopia

No Worries: Songs for Sensory Modulation CD by Genevieve Jereb (CD and 24 page booklet) - Sensory Tools

Cool Bananas: Favourite Kids Rhythms for Calming, Cool Downs and Bedtime Routines CD - by Genevieve Jereb Sensory Tools

Jumpin' Jellybeans CD for enhancing attention and alertness, body awareness and breathing - by Genevieve Jereb - Sensory Tools 

Say G'Day: Sensory Integration through Rhythm and Song (CD and booklet) - by Genevieve Jereb - Sensory Tools


Sensory Nests and Fidget Flowers: Sensory Nest

Slinky - Australian Geographic, Amazon

Snow Domes: Souvenir Shops, Australia Zoo Crocodile, Australian Geographic (Glitter Dome Craft Kit), DIY Snow Dome Instructions

Oil Drip Timer - One Stop Sensory Shop (Timer 1 & Timer 2); Australian Geographic (Timer Step and Wheel); Educational Experience (Jump Bean, Spiral Tube, Sensory BubbleDual Colour Liquid Tube), Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Liquid Timer Volcano (goes upwards instead of downwards) - Leave It To Leslie, Office Playground

Glitter Bracelet - Seed, Amazon

Glitter Tube (I got mine from Socrates for Curious Minds) , Amazon

Button Bracelet (I got mine from Socates for Curious Minds but they don't have a good online shop) - DIY Button Bracelet instructions, Buttons Vintage and New

Fidget Toys, Squishy Spiky Balls - Australia, Seed (PomPom Ring); Educational Experience (Sensory Spike BallsMulti-pack; Textured Sensory Mudballs; Touch Me Yuk-E Balls, Thera-Feel and Find Balls, Arctic Squeeze Fidget Balls, Tiny Love Smart Spin Ball), Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Jelly Balls-squishy and sticky), Prompt Education (Spiky Animals), Sensory Tools (range of fidgets, individually or in packs)

Dr Who Squeeze Toys - Tardis (ABC Shop) and Dalek (ABC Shop)

Mophead Toys/Koosh Balls - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (MopheadSpaghetti Ball), Amazon, Sensory Tools

Pencil Toppers for Touching but not Biting (Beware of Choking Risk - See also Pencil Toppers in Oral Section below) - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Animals, Nuts n Bolts), Amazon (Pirates, Animals)

Musical Toys - Educational Experience (Balls with Bells Inside, Triangular Blocks with Musical Notes - match by colour or musical note), Special Needs for Special Needs (Inflatable Jingle Ball)

Stamps - (often these have a traditional stamp and then one with a roller for footprints) Dinosaur stamps (Cool Things, Professor Plum's)

Sensory Caterpillar (Beware of Choking Risk) - Resources at Hand (largekeychain); Special Needs 4 Special Needs, Sensory Tools

Sensory Slap Bands (Beware of Choking Risk) - Smiggle, Resources At Hand, Seed (Koala and Crocodile)

Punky Wristbands - Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Soft Spiky Sensory Wristband - Prompt Education

Spiky Gloves (can be used when handwriting) - Sensory Tools

Springy Coil Bracelet - Special Needs 4 Special Needs, Sensory Tools

Sticky Stretchy Shapes - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Mini Sticky Man, Sticky Chicken), Sensory Tools (frogs, lizards, snakes)

Textured Stones - Educational Experience (Mossy, Hairy)

Zipper Bracelet - Smiggle, Australia, Seed (zipper, zip tabs); Sensory Tools

Wooden Twist Puzzle Stick (I got this from Socrates from Curious Minds - good for fidgeting quietly during assemblies) - Special Needs Toys AustraliaOne Stop Sensory Shop, Prompt Education (Colourful, Dark)

Large Wooden Cube Twist Puzzle -Prompt Education, Whatzit by Original Toy Company (Entropy, Office Playground, Fine Wooden Toys)

Grimm's Rainbow Wooden Grasper - Village Toys, HoneybeeAmazon, Babipur 

Wooden Twist Croc, Giraffe and Elephant - Prompt Education and Wooden Twist Worms - Prompt Education

Spiky Light-up Ball - Australian GeographicOne Stop Sensory Shop, Seed (laughing spiky light-up ball), Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Spiky Glitter Lamp Keyring, Flashing Necklace, Flashy Smiley Ball), Sensory Tools

Light-Up Water Ball - Seed (flashing eye ball), Australian Geographic (Light Up Glitter Balls)

Cobweb Ball - Special Needs 4 Special Needs, Educational Experience

Pinwheels and Pinwheel Pens (I got my Pens from Officeworks but they often change their stock) - One Stop Sensory Shop, Australian Geographic, Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Light-Up Pinwheel/Windmill (I got mine at a Carols by Candlelight) - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Flashing Sticks)

Sensory Octopus - One Stop Sensory Shop, Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Squishy Snake - Australian Geographic

Sensory Blocks - Educational Experience

Tangle Game (Beware of Choking Risk) - Resources at Hand (relax DNA, Tangle Jnr Fuzzy, Tangle Jnr Hairy, Tangle Jnr Textured); Sensory Tools (Metallic)

Soft blocks, Stress blocks, Textured Blocks - Resources at Hand, Educational Experience

Eye Spy/Can You Find... Sensory Bags - Prompt Education (Alphabet, Animals, Colour, Invisible (all white), Numbers, Shapes, Toy), SpecialNeeds4SpecialNeeds (Eye Spy Bag)

Tag Rag/Sensory Touch (beanbag with tags made of rubbon and textured materials) Prompt Education, Calming Moments (Boys Sensory Touch, Girls Sensory Touch)

Tricky Fingers (fine motor game) - Laugh and Learn

Skwish Manhattan Toy - Amazon (Coloured, Natural Wood); 

Kaleidoscope - Australian Geographic, Seed (DIY Kaleidoscope Kit), Educational Experience

Sound Machines - Australian Geographic (9 sound effects, pirates); Seed (farts, pirates)

Ribbon Wands/Streamers - Seed, Australian Geographic, Education Experience (Dancing Wristbands, Rhythm Ribbons)

Hippie Sticks - Australian Geographic

Maze Balls - Australian Geographic (large, small)

Cube Puzzles - Australian Geographic (Rubik's Cube 3X3, Rubik's Cube 2X2Gear Cube, Rubiks Race 2-Player)

Marble Mazes (Beware of Choking Risk) - Australian Geographic (Roll a Maze 50 Pieces), Educational Experience (Build 'N Roll Xylophone, Hape Quadrilla Music Motion)

Rain Sticks - Halilit Twirly Whirly (Optimum Percussion, OzSom), Halilit Mini Rainmaker (Fishpond)

Tetris - TetrisLink Board Game - Australian Geographic; Tetris Lamp - Australian Geographic

PinArt (nails take shape of objects placed underneath) - Australian Geographic (Blue, Pink, Black, Mini), Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Bubble Machine - Australian Geographic

Bubble Gun - Australian Geographic

Touchable Bubbles - Australian Geographic

Spinning Tops - Australian Geographic (Super Stacking Tops; Light Up UFO Top)

Wind-Up Toys - Australian Geographic (Caterpillar)

Sand Art - Australian Geographic, Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Make A Face Stress Ball (I loved this one until someone put their fingernail through it and clay went all over the lounge, so try at your own risk) - Australian Geographic

Stress Ball (Made with clay rather than foam so provides more resistance when you squeeze it) The Games Shop, Charlestown has them but not online, $4.95 for small, $8.95 for large (yellow, has a smiley face and says Stress Ball on it)

Pop-Out Stress Balls - Australian Geographic (Blob Frog; iPop Dinosaurs), Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers - Australian Geographic

Musical PlayMats - Australian Geographic (Gigantic KeyboardDance Mixer, Drum Kit)

Musical Instruments - Educational Experience (Thumb Piano, Rain Stick, Thunder Drum)

Hard Plastic Animals (I have lizards - it's good to have something that's not squishy and kids like them to be realistic) - Australian Geographic (Insects), Educational Experience (Dinosaurs)

Stacking Toys/Russian Dolls (for kids who like to put things in and out)- Australian Geographic (Koalas, Penguins), Pirate Nesting Dolls (Wild Woodland Toys, That's 2 Cute, One Little Monkey, Windmill)

Pattern-Making Toys - Australian Geographic (Spyro Gyro Pen)

Textured Fabric Toys - Educational Experience (Tell By Touch Numbers Game, Teachable Touchables textured squares), One Stop Sensory Shop, Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Eye Spy Bag)

Colour Mixing Glasses - Educational Experience

Parachute (For Groups) - Educational Experience

Tunnels - Educational Experience (See Me Tunnel, Play Tunnel)


Sensory/Visual Stimulation/Patterns Books

The Game of Let's Go by Herve Tullet - Phaidon

The Game of Patterns by Herve Tullet - Amazon

The Big Book of Art by Herve Tullet- Bookworld

Press Here by Herve Tullet - Bookworld


Lamps/Projectors/Glow In the Dark Objects for Sensory Rooms/Chill Out Areas

Fibre Optic Lamp - Australian Geographic (Mini, Regular)

Plasma Ball - Australian Geographic (Large, Small, Butterfly)

Disco Ball - Australian Geographic

Glitter Lamp - Australian Geographic

Lava Lamp - Australian Geographic

Torch Projectors - Australian Geographic (Animals, Sea CreaturesSpace, Nebulae, Stars-Pink, Stars-Black)

Disco Spotlight Wand - Australian Geogaphic

Glow In the Dark Stars - Australian Geographic (Stars, Planets and Stars)

Dark Den - Educational Experience (Dark DenAccessories, Glow In the Dark Insects)

Crazy Forts (use with dark sheet to make a sensory cave) - Educational Experience

Tunnels for Creating Dark Sensory Spaces - Educational Experience (Play Tunnel)


Oral Sensory Toys

(Note: The makers of "Theratube" have stated that it is not designed for oral therapy)

P and Q Chewy Tubes - Resources at Hand, One Stop Sensory Shop, Sensory Tools

Super Red Chewy Tube (Knobby) - Resources At Hand, Educational Experience, Sensory Tools

Super Green Chewy Tube (Smooth) - Educational Experience, Sensory Tools

Chew Stixx Tough Bar - Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Chew Stixx Flavoured Crossbars - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Icy Mint, Blue-no flavour, Chocolate)

Chew Stixx Junior Bar - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (chocolate, grape, orange, spearmintred-no flavour)

Organic Bangle - One Stop Sensory Shop

Pendants - One Stop Sensory Shop (Robot, Jigsaw, Owl), Sensory Tools

Whistles - One Stop Sensory Shop

Textured Fabric with Ribbon/Tag Toys - One Stop Sensory Shop

Desk Buddy Chewable Ruler - One Stop Sensory Shop

Chewy iPhone - One Stop Sensory Shop

Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers (note: these look small enough to be swallowed so don't use if the person takes them off the pencil) - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (chocolate, orange, spearmintyellow-no flavour), Amazon

Sensa Chew Pencil Toppers - One Stop Sensory Shop, Amazon

Sensa Chew Army Dog Tags (for teens and adults) - One Stop Sensory Shop, Sensory Tools

Chewlery Necklace - Special Needs 4 Special Needs, Sensory Tools

Chewy Charms Lanyard and Pendants - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Lanyard, fish, soccer ball, star)

Constructive Eating Utensils (fork, spoon and pusher) - comes in Fairy or Construction Vehicles themes - Sensory Tools


Tools and Toys to Encourage Communication

Pip Squeaks (repeat what you say) - Australian Geographic

Hands Down (green, yellow and red hands system for kids to indicate how urgently they need help from a teacher - good for teacher to see whose question is most urgent and who can keep working while they wait for help, good for children who may not be confident to ask for help, can use one for an individual student or several sets in a support class) - Dominie


Weighted Bags for Child's Lap to Help with Concentration in Class

Lap Lander - Educational Experience

Shoulder Snake - Educational Experience (Large, Small), Calming Moments (Sensory Snake)

Heavys - Special Needs 4 Special Needs (Comes in 1kg or 2kg in pink or blue)


Cushions to assist posture and concentration

Air Cushion - Educational Experience

Wedge Cushion Junior - Special Needs 4 Special Needs

Wedge Cushion Large - Special Needs 4 Special Needs


Weighted Blankets and Vests (Please beware of safety issues)

Please beware: Children have died of suffocation from being rolled up in weighted blankets or from having too much weight placed on them.  Always make sure that your child's head and arms are out of the blanket (For this reason I would not recommend for "helicopter" sleepers).  If you are considering a weighted sleep aid, please discuss this with your child's occupational therapist so they can recommend the right weight taking your child's weight into account.  Ask for a copy of the safety guidelines for weighted items.  If your child has sleep problems, you can see me to develop a sleep plan to teach your child to wind down and go to sleep, stay asleep in their own bed, etc.  Alternatively ask your paediatrician about melatonin which helps with sleep onset (but doesn't increase the amount of time your child is asleep).  

Deep Pressure Vest with Smartphone control/tracking app

T.Jacket (uses airbags to provide deep pressure - can be controlled through a smartphone app)


Hands-On Literacy Resources (encouraging learners to use visual, auditory and tactile info to learn to read and spell, great for those with handwriting difficulties)

Letter Blocks to use with Base Plates (similar to Lego) by COKO - Educational Experience (comes in boxes of Lower Case, Capital Letters, 2 Letter Blends, 3 Letter Blends, Digraphs, Vowel Sounds, Word Families, Vowel Rhymes)

Sight Word String-Ups (letter beads to string onto pipe cleaners with spelling cards to copy) - Educational Experience

TRUGS Game (Trugs stands for Teach Reading Using GameS) (There are three boxes for different reading skill Stages, each box has five Levels with three card games for each Stage, with school and home versions of each box - best to discuss your needs with Learnersaurus - I found Box 1 most helpful for struggling readers. In Box 1, Stage 1 is cvc words like "cat" and "fox", Stage 2 is initial blends like "spin" and "trip", Stage 3 is final blends like "jump" and 'best", Stage 4 is closed syllables words like "tablet" and "instruct", Stage 5 is  ar/or/er words like "car" and "transport") - Learnersaurus

Australian Dyslexia Learning Difference Handbook 2014 Learning Difference Convention

Dyslexia Study Skills Bulletin Learning Difference Convention

Smart Kids Spelling Rules Directory Smart Kids

Comfortable Pencil Grip Educational Experience

Frog Hoppers Game by Viking (good for kids with index finger joint hypermobility) Purple Turtle Toys, Fishpond


Strength Cards and Resilience Resources

Strength Cards for Kids - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Strengths to the Max - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Baby Strengths - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Can Do Dinosaurs - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Resilience Circle (I use the Resilience Circle for kids to draw or write about things they are good at, places they like to be, adults they can talk to and how they solve problems.  I don't use the Resilience Identification questionnaire. You can order a pad of just the Resilience Circle worksheets for $12.50 - in the Community Resources section under Resilience Tool) - Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle 


Counselling Resources

"A Practical Guide to Mental Health Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder" Book by Khalid Karim, Alvina Ali & Michelle O'Reilly - Footprint Books, Boffins Bookshop, Fishpond 

Thoughts and Feelings Cards by Bright Spots - Resources At Hand

Totika Set - Open Spaces Game (like Jenga but with Colour-Coded Question Cards - Comes with Ice Brakers and mine came with Self-Esteem) - Resources at Hand

The Scaling Kit Interactive DVD - has ten scaling masters you can print off or use on your computer or iPad (ie temperature scale, ups and downs, sun up to sun down, ladder, water tank, scales, bendy river or road) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Talking Pictures Cards (these are pictures of teenagers in various situations - for high functioning teens with some imagination and insight) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Shadows and Darker Shadows Cards (these are darker pictures for teens and require a higher level of imagination and insight) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

Our Scrapbook of Strengths (these are for talking about family strengths - they have pictures and words) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

People with Disabilities Figurines - Educational Experience

Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Parents, Carers and Professionals by Maria Catterick and Liam Curran - Footprint Books

Taking Time Framework - A Trauma-informed framework for supporting people with intellectual disability by A. Jackson & S. Waters - Ageing, Disability & Home Care

Family Goal Setting Tool by Autism Queensland (ASD version and Global Developmental Delay/Complex Needs version for goal setting in early intervention) Autism Queensland


Resources I have tried but don't recommend for working with kids with autism

Mood Dudes stress balls with different emotions - great idea but clients always twist off their ears and noses which makes them look a bit tortured

Just Like When Cards - These are too abstract for most kids with autism 

Bears and Stones Emotions Cards - (from St Lukes Innovative Resources) Again too abstract for most kids with autism

What Did You Say, What Did You Mean Cards - The cards are too difficult because the sayings and the meanings are in separate decks of cards.  Also many kids like to tip cards out on the floor and watch them fall, so they'd get out of order pretty quickly.  I bought the book by the same name and plan to make my own cards by photocopying the meanings onto the back of the sayings pictures.  

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