Resources for Teachers and Allied Health Professionals

Join our Autism Professionals Circle online community forum (for teachers, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, behaviour therapists, paediatricians etc)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ASD Student Profile & Lydia Meem's presentation on ASD Student Profile at Asia Pacific Autism Conference (APAC) 2013: Part 1 & Part 2

Primary school teachers of children with Autism & Asperger's 

High school teachers of adolescents with Autism & Asperger's

Children with autism & Aspergers and their parents

Adolescents with autism & Asperger's and their parents

Adults with autism & Asperger's

Autism Understanding's Youtube videos

Professional Development on Practical Autism Strategies Tailored for Schools and Disability Organisations

Webinar with Lydia Meem on Practical Teaching Strategies for Students with Autism recorded for Australian Teacher Aide online community

Tim Topham's Video Podcast with Lydia Meem re teaching children with autism (interview starts 5 mins in), Tim Topham's piano teaching blog with Lydia's tips for teachers of students with autism, Piano lessons social story

"Tips for Parents on Autism Diagnosis Disclosure: When and how to explain autism to your child" Video Interview with Lydia Meem and Liz Watson, National Projects Manager, Positive Partnerships

Bush Connections Podcast: Technologies Revolutionising Access to Early Intervention Services with Karen Keast & Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) (Lydia's comments start at 10:54)

Social Stories and Social Skills Videos

My Favourite Resources, Books, and Sensory Toys

APPS for Autism and Asperger's

Autism Research (including Opportunities to Participate in Autism Research)

ABC's All In the Mind Podcasts: Neurotribes (History of Autism); Girls and Autism; On the Spectrum; The Social Brain

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