Resources for Teachers and Allied Health Professionals

Join our Autism Professionals Circle online community forum

Understanding the DSM-5 (changing to Autism Spectrum Disorder) with OTARC's Dr Giacomo Vivanti

Related Conditions (people with autism often have sleep disorders, attention difficulties and anxiety) with OTARC's Prof Amanda Richdale

Early detection test for autism

First Signs ASD Video Glossary

Bringing the early signs of autism spectrum disorders into focus

Joint attention test

Theory of mind (in typically developing children)

Early signs of autism: stacking blocks, no eye contact

Autism at 14 months

Child with autism spinning to the tune of the dishwasher

Lining up cars: Yusuf 23 months

Lining up cars: Nate 2 years, 9 months

Lining up dice: Zachary's "ultimate line of 6's"

Toe walking

Repetitive button pressing

Discussion of Intellectual Development in Autism: Effect of Autism on Social Learning Increases Risk of Intellectual Disability

Free Online Battery of Diagnostic Reading Assessments: Register to use Macquarie University's Motif 

ADOS-2 and ADI-R Training Workshops:

Intellectual Disability Training Videos for health professionals by NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria: Depression in Adults with Intellectual Disability Carer Checklist (register online and they will email you with instructions for downloading the checklist)

"Assessing Mental Health Concerns in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Guide to Existing Measures" by Hobden & Leroy, Developmental Disabilities Institute, Wayne State University

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