Resources for Teachers and Allied Health Professionals

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Lydia Meem's presentation on the ASD Student Profile for the Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2013: Presentation Part 1 and Part 2

"Tips for Parents on Autism Diagnosis Disclosure: When and how to explain autism to your child" video interview with Lydia Meem (Clinical Psychologist, Autism Understanding) and Liz Watson (National Projects Manager, Positive Partnerships)

In My Mind: Alex Olinkiewicz

Autism in High School: Erika's story

Children with Autism: One Teacher's Experience

Asperger's Documentary: Diamond Dave

Asperger's Syndrome

Transitioning from High School to University: Marshall University USA

See also Adults with Autism & Asperger's for employment and tertiary training videos

Jed Baker's Social Skills Picture Book: High School and Beyond (this book is wonderful but often out of stock so shop around until you find one in stock): Amazon, ACER, Fishpond, Booktopia, Resources at Hand

Social Skills Central (You can subscribe for lots of resources) Free samples: Being Polite,  How to Give a Compliment, Peer Pressure, Listening During a Conversation (Circle the pairs that are on track for a good conversation)

Fist to Five Check (Self-reflection - How much help do I need? - Can be used with whole class)

Autism Ontario: Autism: See the Potential

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