Resources for Teachers and Allied Health Professionals

Join the Autism Professionals Circle online community forum

Presentation on the ASD Student Profile by Lydia Meem at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference, Presentation Part 1 and Part 2

"Tips for Parents on Autism Diagnosis Disclosure: When and how to explain autism to your child" video interview with Lydia Meem (Clinical Psychologist, Autism Understanding) and Liz Watson (National Projects Manager, Positive Partnerships)

Using visuals to teach autistic students

The Picture Schedule Song

Visual Supports Object Schedules

Children with Autism: One Teacher's Experience

"Anxiety in School" Real Look Autism Episode 1

"Communication Device" Real Look Autism Episode 8

"Playing with Toys" Real Look Autism Episode 5

"Art Therapy" Real Look Autism Episode 11

Autism and Board Games

"I get Angry" Song

What to do During A Fire Drill

Reading Facial Cues: What is this person feeling? Guessing Game

First Signs ASD Video Glossary

Fist to Five Check (Self-reflection - How much help do I need? - Can be used with the whole class)

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