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OTARC in Melbourne is planning to make a series of these videos with various autism researchers.  I'll add more as they become available.

20 July 2014: Inside the Lab #5: Focus on Adults with Assoc Prof Amanda Richdale, Dr Janine Manjiviona and Dr Debra Costley

18 Mar 2014: Inside the Lab #4: Research into Early Interventions with Dr Kristelle Hudrey, Dr Giacomo Vivanti and Dr John McEachin

26 Nov 2013: Inside the Lab #3: Autism in China with Prof Cheryl Dissanayake, Dr Josephine Barbaro and Assoc Prof Chongying Wang

4 Nov 2013: Inside the Lab #2: Stakeholder driven research with Dr Kristelle Hudrey, Mrs Amanda Golding and Prof Ann Le Couteur

8 Aug 2013: Inside the Lab #1: Separating Autism and Intellectual Disability with Prof Cheryl Dissanayake, Dr Cynthia Zierhut and Dr Giacomo Vivanti


Other OTARC videos with Researcher interviews:

12 Jan 2014: Transforming the early detection of autism with Dr Josephine Barbaro

9 Jul 2013: Interview with Prof Margot Prior with Prof Cheryl Dissanayake

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