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Practical Autism Strategies: 2 Day Workshop

Why Autism Spectrum Disorder?

As more children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), mainstream teachers are increasingly expected to provide appropriate support for students with complex learning needs within mainstream classes. Students with ASD often require support to cope with the social demands of the classroom and playground, deal with change, avoid sensory overload,and achieve their full learning potential.

Who should attend?

Teachers and teacher aides who want to learn and share practical strategies which benefit students with ASD in the classroom and the playground.  Psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists who are interested in practical strategies for their clients with autism are also very welcome to attend.

Why this workshop?

Emphasis is placed on understanding how students with ASD perceive the world differently, and how this impacts on their behaviour at school. Participants are encouraged to make subtle changes to their interaction and intervention style to reduce students' anxiety and prevent challenging behaviours. Participants will practice their skills by responding to scenarios in small groups. Course notes include visual aids and proformas that can be adapted to suit your own students.


2021 Practical Autism Strategies Workshops

LIVE Interactive ZOOM Webinar 23rd & 24th August 2021Register Online or Download the Registration Form

LIVE Interactive ZOOM Webinar 18th & 19th October 2021Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Beyond IQ Scores Workshop

Why focus on behaviours displayed during cognitive and developmental assessments?

Cognitive and developmental assessments provide a wealth of information about how
children and adolescents respond to both academic and social demands. How children
and adolescents respond to an examiner offering unfamiliar activities in an unfamiliar
environment can provide important clues in identifying further assessments required,
including autism, learning difficulties, ADHD, ODD, executive functioning and anxiety.

Who should attend? 

Psychologists who want to observe & report
on behaviours, refer on appropriately and make recommendations with confidence.

Why this workshop? 

Often training focuses on administering,
scoring and reporting on the client’s performance in relation to norms.
However cognitive and developmental assessments offer a rich opportunity to
observe more than their verbal, visuospatial, memory and processing speed
skills (i.e. coping with a change in their routine, following your agenda, adapting in
response to feedback, dealing with uncertainty, frustration and boredom).
This workshop includes videos, case reviews, and examples of reports. Course
notes include a checklist of behaviours, tips on what behaviours may mean, and further
assessments & strategies to recommend.

2021 Beyond IQ Scores Workshops

LIVE Interactive ZOOM Webinar 13th October 2021 - Register Online or Download the Registration Form


Workshops for Parents

These workshops are a great opportunity to meet other parents and share strategies.  Parent workshops are open to all parents of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum (you do not need to have had an assessment through Autism Understanding to attend the workshops).  There are two different workshops available to parents:

"After the diagnosis: Strategies for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"


"Parenting adolescents with Asperger’s & Autism: Adjusting strategies to enhance independence" 

We run these workshops from time to time depending on levels of interest expressed by parents.  To register your interest in attending one of these workshops, please contact us on 4967 3363 and we can let you know when a workshop is planned.    

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